Force and Destiny

The third holocron is found

by Consular Belandi Feeaar

Life is hard under the oppressive yolk of the Empire on a Mirialan Colony in the Outer Rim.

A misunderstanding has led me to be exiled and smuggled off-planet br Hethan Romund.

The Pacifist Order's teachings tell us that meditation is the answer, I have vowed never again to give in to fear, hatred and revenge.

Yet, my resolve is challenged once again when I hear that Romund is in trouble and the time has come to repay the debt…

I find them in a Temple, surely a site of peace and reflection. But, oh no! There is  conflict and hatred! I have a bad feeling in my mitoclorians about this…

After finding the second holocron we learn there is a third and need to visit the local city to find it. Yet another hive of scum and villainy!

We learn that there is great class division in this place and that the nobles have a private museum full of treasures that the common folk can never see.

While my colleague tries to by a ticket to the museum, we learn that the locals are not to be trusted with either the truth or credits.

I instead use my unfailing charms to learn the location of the local crime gang. The leader is very helpful and secures us a secret entrance into the museum. I was hoping that would be that, but again mindless violence ensues to obtain our prize.

Dark times indeed! Can I convince my comrades to seek a better path? Or is this or destiny…



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