Force and Destiny

Evil mama wolf

Missed log

Following our Mountain top rescue we find ourselves contemplating who we are, what drives our convictions and what is our destiny.


Sarenda is given a task to be a zoo keeper returning 2 of the animal species back to the temple


Dao takes care of the bodies


Kaveri practises her hiding skills


Tarast is curious and studies the files in the library database, and in the process discovers a hidden room where we manage to get two of the tower defences working.


We given a task to also fix a number of sensors (distributed all around the place)


One is on a small island in the lake near a fishing village.


We go to the village (minus Kaveri – who is still hiding) and befriend a few of them, and are told we can hire a boat to take us to the island but currently all the boats have gone out.

We are told a tale about some horrible creature near some caves which needs to be taken care of.


We go to the caves and find lots of blue crystals. Dao manages to pass the test and we confront a giant evil tainted mamma wolf with lots of other wolves.

A battle ensues and we just manage to get rid of the big bad wolf.

We find a holocron – woohoo

And Dao with the blue crystal now has the means to build a lightsaber.




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