Force and Destiny

Evil mama wolf
Missed log

Following our Mountain top rescue we find ourselves contemplating who we are, what drives our convictions and what is our destiny.


Sarenda is given a task to be a zoo keeper returning 2 of the animal species back to the temple


Dao takes care of the bodies


Kaveri practises her hiding skills


Tarast is curious and studies the files in the library database, and in the process discovers a hidden room where we manage to get two of the tower defences working.


We given a task to also fix a number of sensors (distributed all around the place)


One is on a small island in the lake near a fishing village.


We go to the village (minus Kaveri – who is still hiding) and befriend a few of them, and are told we can hire a boat to take us to the island but currently all the boats have gone out.

We are told a tale about some horrible creature near some caves which needs to be taken care of.


We go to the caves and find lots of blue crystals. Dao manages to pass the test and we confront a giant evil tainted mamma wolf with lots of other wolves.

A battle ensues and we just manage to get rid of the big bad wolf.

We find a holocron – woohoo

And Dao with the blue crystal now has the means to build a lightsaber.


The third holocron is found

by Consular Belandi Feeaar

Life is hard under the oppressive yolk of the Empire on a Mirialan Colony in the Outer Rim.

A misunderstanding has led me to be exiled and smuggled off-planet br Hethan Romund.

The Pacifist Order's teachings tell us that meditation is the answer, I have vowed never again to give in to fear, hatred and revenge.

Yet, my resolve is challenged once again when I hear that Romund is in trouble and the time has come to repay the debt…

I find them in a Temple, surely a site of peace and reflection. But, oh no! There is  conflict and hatred! I have a bad feeling in my mitoclorians about this…

After finding the second holocron we learn there is a third and need to visit the local city to find it. Yet another hive of scum and villainy!

We learn that there is great class division in this place and that the nobles have a private museum full of treasures that the common folk can never see.

While my colleague tries to by a ticket to the museum, we learn that the locals are not to be trusted with either the truth or credits.

I instead use my unfailing charms to learn the location of the local crime gang. The leader is very helpful and secures us a secret entrance into the museum. I was hoping that would be that, but again mindless violence ensues to obtain our prize.

Dark times indeed! Can I convince my comrades to seek a better path? Or is this or destiny…

Mountaintop Rescue
No plot holes here. Just actual holes.

It is a dark time in the galaxy. The JEDI ORDER has been destroyed and knowledge of the FORCE is all but lost. Only a handful of people sensitive to the Force remain, scattered across the stars, ignorant of their destiny.
Humble scholar Hethan Romund has preserved a fragment of the heritage of the Jedi. Traveling the galaxy, Romund stumbled across a number of people still strong in the Force and offered them what wisdom she could. Now, Romund has been captured by MALEFAX, a servant of the dark side of the Force. Compelled by Malefax to lead him to a lost temple rich in ancient knowledge, Romund has sent a signal to several of the Force-sensitive allies she has made over the course other career.
Drawn together to rescue their mentor, these Force- sensitives now climb the snow-clad slopes of MOUNT TELLEC on the Outer Rim planet Spintir….



  • the adventurers prove that scaling a icy cliff is no problem
  • the  adventurers prove that social interaction is not their forte, nearly making an enemy of the Gatekeeper
  • having finally won over the Gatekeeper, the adventurers make short work of a group of crazed local hunters.  Dao drives off two with some impressive taunts.
  •  suddenly 4 holes open up simultaneously and the adventurers are separated and trapped.  All escape using force powers, except Sarenda who claims to know nothing of the force
  •  after killing two mercenaries guarding a bridge the adventurers try negotiating instead, to great success!  Unsure of his chances of success, Dao hesitates in the middle of combat, the gatekeeper appears to him and says "Trust in the force, Dao".  Dao chooses to hold his action.
  •  Arriving at the temple, a group of crazed wolves bask in the sun.  The cautious band dispatch them from range, fortunately as a second group of wolves lay in ambush.
  •  Inside the crumbling temple they find the scholarly Hethan Romand, held captive by the ragin Malefax.  Long range sniping from Kaveri's Blaster Rifle, Tarast's swashbuckling lightsabre skills and some deft use of the force vanquish the dark side user.
  •  Having defeated the dark sider, the group participate in a ritual to cleanse the temple of the dark taint.  However the taint in the valley still exists, perhaps there is more to do.
  •  The team set about looting the treasures from this forgotten temple. 
  •  The gatekeeper shows Dao where the Holocron is kept.  There are sconces for two other Holocron's.  They are missing… where could they be?



I am in a hole!?

We met, we got force, we killed red dude.



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